Penerapan Metode Analythic Hierarchy Process untuk Pengambilan Keputusan Pemilihan Desain Jembatan Kereta Api

Heriyanto Wibowo, Sinung Tri Nugroho


Padalarang - Purwakarta line track is a very crowded but potential track since it connects Jakarta - Bandung. Argo Parahyangan train and freight train are passing through this track. Therefore, it is crucial to build double track lane. However, it is difficult to execute due to a wide and deep river which requires a new bridge with a complex high cost construction. That is the reason why, an in-depth evaluation of the bridge design is needed. In selecting the bridge design, the Analytical Hierarchy Process  was used as the selection method. The method would applied a four-level developed structure: the first level was the goal of choosing the Optimum Bridge Design, the second level was the people involved, the third level was the evaluation criteria, the last level was the alternative bridge to be built. The data was taken from the questionnaires filled by six respondents of the railway bridge's construction experts. The results show that the order of the bridge's design selection is as follows: 0.395 for concrete bridges; 0.213 for steel arch bridges; 0.199 for steel frame bridges; and 0.194 for cable bridges.


analytical hierarchy process; decision-making; optimum bridge design; railway bridge

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